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Photography has an almost magical quality, offering us a window into days now past.  Whether it be your wedding day, portraits of a new addition to the family, or a family reunion, we all have those special memories we want to cherish forever.  That's when we look to the frames around the house.  That's when we pull the albums out.  That's when we need to have the tangible reminders of that moment in time.  

At Achong Photography, we are dedicated to capturing these moments so you can always look back.  We understand how important these images are to you, and are honored to photograph them.  

With over a decade of experience, we are dedicated to getting the best shot every time.  Using a natural, photojournalistic style, our images capture the ever-fleeting emotion of a candid moment.  An eye for detail means the little things that can be easy to miss are instead easily remembered.  Photography is not our job - it is our passion.


When my church started talking about restrictions on photographers, I was so worried I wouldn’t get everything, but Andrew and his second photographer worked through it all and the pictures were incredible!
— - Courtney

Andrew made me feel comfortable and beautiful throughout the entire process... When I saw my photos, I couldn’t have asked for anything more beautiful. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!
— - Meghan

Andrew Achong is AMAZING! He delivers high level professionalism with a unique creativity I have yet to see others exude. In fact, when we were taking bridal portraits at the White House hotel in Biloxi, several staff members commented on the uniqueness of the shoot. They said that they see photographers in there constantly but all of them take the same shots. Not Andrew. He was laying on the ground, climbing on furniture and ledges, making you laugh (or in my case, helping me not be awkward) all to get the PERFECT shot. He definitely knows how to capture the moment... He is super flexible, efficient and accommodating... He is an exceptional guy and an even more remarkable photographer. He is incredible to work with and you will not be disappointed in his shots. He excels in capturing action shots with impeccable timing... I used him for family portraits (including one baby and a toddler {takes skill}), bridal portraits, rehearsal dinner, and our wedding. I can’t say enough positive things about Andrew. I absolutely, without a doubt, recommend his services to EVERYONE. You will love reliving the moment with his photos.
— - Emily

As a wedding planner, I am always encouraging couples to find the perfect photographer because I know how important those captured moments are after such a perfect day is over. Without hesitation, I would recommend Achong Photography every time, and would choose them for my own wedding given the opportunity.
— - Christine